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The Minor Junior was the concept of Nic Harding, pictured here with this daughter in 1991. it was designed by Ron Thomas, Chief design engineer at Guys Motors. Launched at the Earls Court Motor fair in 1991 the original production run totalled fifty six. The inevitably high production costs of a quality hand-made product coupled with the early nineties recession resulted in the project being shelved...

but never forgotten. 

Some Things You Never Forget...

The unmistakable lines of the Morris Minor for instance, one of the greatest of classic cars. The sturdiness of the steel chassis, the gleam of fine paintwork, the sparkle of chrome. All recall a motoring age long gone: a time before wheel clamps, before catalytic converters, before the M25. Designed by Sir Alec Issignois, and first launched at the 1948 Motor Show, more than a million and a half Morris Minors were built over the following 23 years.

And now they're back in production. This time in an exclusive pedal version, designed for drivers between the ages of four and eleven. The Junior is a sleek and elegant replica with adjustable pedals, pneumatic tyres, a steel chassis and a tough composite body. Add the fun of working lights and horn, and you've a wonderful possession too good to call a toy. For collectors of all ages, this limited edition classic should appreciate in value as much as its distinguished ancestor.

Hand-built to the very highest specification, the Minor Junior is produced in the United Kingdon by the world's leading Morris Minor authority.

With Bath's integration with The ESM Morris Minor Centre completing in 2014 plans were made to carry on where production had left off. All pedal cars are registered with an MMCBath chassis number, production spec and log book. The tooling was re-commissioned and body shells, still handmade in the same factory in England, began production in 2015.



    Production of the new Minor Juniors has

    started. We are underway! We are currently

    finalising venue and date details for the launch

    which will be announced here and on the ESM

    website very soon.

    The Minor Junior will be priced from £1995

    plus VAT and delivery.

    For more information and international

    shipping rates please call Scott @ESM on

    (44) 01580 200203

    [email protected]